BIM & Architectural

"..a happy, relaxed personality and was pleasure to work with.."

“..I feel he is very well suited to this profession, having a high level of aptitude for drafting & design.

Ben carried out drafting duties on residential alteration and addition projects in my office from Jan 07 to Dec 07. Ben has a surprisingly high level of drafting ability for his amount of experience, and also a keen aptitude for design. I found his interpretation for suitable design on projects to be very advanced and correct for the circumstance. I found his advice was correct, very perceptive and reassuring.

I found Ben to be very diligent and conscious worker, quietly working on projects in a steady and thorough manner, without the need for breaks or conversation. He also had a happy, relaxed personality and was pleasure to work with.

I think Ben would be an asset … particularly in the field of Architecture…”

Robert Geoghegan

Building Designer/Owner
Newbuild Design & Drafting

Ben’s high knowledge level of the Revit program allowed the drafting office to migrate from AutoCAD to Revit in a swift and orderly fashion. He has proved himself to be adaptable and able to apply his skillset to resolve IT related problems quickly. Ben Competently performed his role in all areas of responsibility, including attending site visits, liaising directly with clients and the general duties. Amongst other skillsets, Ben displayed advanced free-hand drawing skills, which in turn meant he was able to produce clear and accurate site drawings and was able to communicate his ideas in drawn form.

Ben displayed great initiative and drive to improve his Revit knowledge, and whilst he was with us, greatly improved his proficiency in documentation and the use of Revit.So much so, we were able to offer Revit tutoring to clients and colleagues.

Ben always presented himself professionally and was highly organised. He was instrumental in improving the layout of the office and maintaining a high level of office standards.

Richard Ferguson


"..advanced free-hand drawing skills.."

"..Patient, methodical, experienced & knowledgeable.."

I have collaborated with Ben on several projects over a number of years. As one of a handful of Architects in the country that also builds their work the implementation of BIM as my company’s standard operating system was essential to stay ahead of our competitors, to allow us to compete against larger practices and to provide a unified platform to communicate modelling and documentation between our architectural and construction teams. Ben’s service delivery was second to none. He was patient and methodical in his approach and was able to train both architectural staff with many years of experience on other CAD programs in addition to construction staff who had never used a CAD program before. Ben is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.


Clinton Cole

Cplusc Architectural Workshop

We were lucky enough to have Ben as a Teacher and Consultant where he developed our individual BIM skills and installed procedures to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our work.

I gained so much more from Ben than was ever intended. Ben knowingly taught me BIM and through our daily interactions also taught me valuable lessons in communication and how to approach problem solving. Ben is an intelligent teacher who has the ability to communicate complex ideas in a way that’s easily digestible.

As a consultant Ben assisted the team in making confident and informed decisions. By asking the right questions he objectively dismantled any problems we came across and then set in motion positive processes to overcome them. He thinks outside the box and questions standard processes often finding ways to do things better.

Ben is an awesome Consultant and Teacher and I’m stoked we had the opportunity to work with him. 

Matt Ried

Architectural Project Manager
Cplusc Architectural Workshop

"..taught me valuable lessons in communication and how to approach problem solving.."

"..a passionate and dedicated person.."

Ben is a person who emphasises work discipline. He has taught us the best way to setup a project in an orderly manner to avoid mistakes. Ben was our Revit Guru and taught us how to setup a project from scratch, create parametric families, produce presentable renders, and prepare documentation.

Ben is a passionate and dedicated person and was excellent and patient in teaching and explaining. He will put 110% effort on his task.

If you need a quality and professional Revit Guru, Ben would be one of the best people to go for.

Ryan Ng

Architectural Project Manager
Cplusc Architectural Workshop
Registered Architect 9458

Ben was our BIM Consultant when the company I work for transitioned from 2D CAD software to 3D BIM software. Having zero foundation of BIM when I first learnt Revit, I was fortunate to have Ben as a teacher to guide me through the fundamentals. He is very knowledgeable and shows real expertise in the BIM field and was always willing to help. His training is well-structured and he always explains things in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. His enthusiasm and professionalism add great value to any project he becomes involved. It was a great pleasure to work with him.

Christina Cheng

Architectural Project Manager
Cplusc Architectural Workshop

"..he always explains things in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.."

"..cheerful, friendly fellow, easy to work with and focused.."

Ben was charged with the job of architecturally documenting all proposed and built elements of my Goonengerry project.

Jobs undertaken included; Site survey, Preliminary sketches and measurement checks, Design resolution and documentation, Disabled access compliance investigations and recommendations, Project planning and control.

Ben is a cheerful, friendly fellow, easy to work with and focused. He has been punctual, reliable and fair in his dealings. His many interests and talents complement his skill set and help mould his architectural expertise.

The work produced to date has been first class and I have been very happy with the results so far.

I have no hesitation in  recommending Ben to any property owner/builder who needs architectural documentation for their project. His 3D enabled program is a brilliant tool to visualise design options and select the best outcomes.

Mason Pillars

Master Builder & Property owner
Northern NSW

Ben was an integral team member in transitioning us from 2D CAD software to 3D BIM software.

Ben’s role involved the setup, management, oversight and update of critical template files. Ben also produced a library of highly detailed 3D models that could be used repeatedly throughout multiple projects. These models contained important data that could be scheduled out quickly and efficiently as required. In addition to the above, Ben answered many of our Revit questions on a day-to-day basis and ensured we were modelling in ways that were considered best practice. 

Ben takes pride in ensuring his work is impeccable and precise which is absolutely necessary when working with BIM software. I can’t recall a moment when Ben wasn’t professional, polite and clear in his communication. Ben is passionate about his work and I would highly recommend getting in touch with him if you have a project in mind or are seeking similar services.

Melinda Howard


"..his work is impeccable and precise.."

Permaculture Education

"..It's undeniable that he really knows the subject thoroughly.."

Ben Mallinson was my lecturer for 6 weeks in the context of my certificate IV in Permaculture. During that time we got to cover a lot of ground on all aspects of design, practical and theoretical. I was a novice in the field and his guidance has made it possible for me to not only understand a lot more about the topic but also to find my own way with pen and paper, going over some major hurdles like self-confidence and downright lack of skills. His warm personality and good sense of humour made the classes enjoyable and I was always amazed at how much we would cover in one session as well as the impeccable attention to detail present in the hard copies of our lectures. It’s undeniable that he really knows the subject thoroughly. I just wished we could have had more time with him.

Prisca Du Ressac

Student of Certificate IV Permaculture
Byron Community College

I have recently completed a five week design course with Ben Mallinson. As a returned military serviceman who has completed over twenty high level courses and training programs, I have had many skilled trainers and I found Ben’s manner was very easy to work with and understand, while allowing a fast and efficient style of learning and comprehension.

I found Ben to be a skilled teacher and designer. Ben showed interest in all of the students’ work and capabilities. His instruction on my course showed proven methods and a wealth of experience and I found him a capable trainer that I would happily engage with again.

Alexander McDonald

Student of Certificate IV Permaculture
Byron Community College

"..course showed proven methods and a wealth of experience.."

"..worked hard to transfer his architectural skills to permaculture design.."

Ben has shared his passion and excitement for design skills, giving me confidence to draw a Permaculture Design from concept to schematics.

Ben’s role involved teaching us how to draw title blocks and templates, draw a plan to scale, using appropriate ISO sheet sizes & architectural scales for design presentation & implementation, use Australian & International standards with an emphasis on hand drawn designs with our own unique flair for permaculture design, produce Documentation Storyboard, Draft Introductory Documents, draw different styles of detail, elevation and section markers with legible cross-referencing & practice peer review for feedback

Ben is a happy, enthusiastic teacher and is keen to impart his knowledge and has worked hard to transfer his architectural skills to permaculture design. His drive shows up as a desire to teach as much as possible in a short period of time.  My level of understanding design principles has deepened thanks to Ben.

Ben is a very worthy teacher, his skill set invaluable.

Tracey Darsana

Student of Certificate IV Permaculture
Byron Community College

“Really great to have the professional approach and exacting standards presented for the drawing/diagram aspects of this course. Takes our professionalism up many notches.”

Ann Phillis

Student of Certificate IV Permaculture
Byron Community College

"..professional approach and exacting standards.."