Free for Bushfire survivors & RFS involved

G’day! I’ve been a professional in a number of interrelated fields over the last 8 years – Architecture, Surveying, Permaculture, Organic & Regenerative Agriculture and Nature-based personal development.

I draw on my diverse experience and offer you a rare opportunity to a supportive space and tools to create a lifestyle of your choosing. A life resilient to the extremes in both our external & internal environments we face in these wild times of climate emergency.

Ben Mallinson

resilient life creator


If you would like to make you & your property resilient against life’s extremes and have had parts of your property damaged or your home and land destroyed as part of the 2019 bushfire season please fill out the form below to get started.

This offer is FREE to to anyone who rents or owns a property in affected areas. RFS staff & volunteers involved in these bushfires can also use this form no matter where they live.

this service includes any combination below and is tailored to your current needs:

  • Property design for abundance and resilience.
  • Empowered decision making framework and coaching.
  • Building a supporting internal environment.
  • Resilient life handbook : The life I lead & coaching calls.

 Expected results include;

  • An abundant Property that is a hub for diverse flora and fauna strengthening the landscape around it, protecting you from natures wrath while providing free resources for you to live – fuel, food, fibre, clean air and water.
  • A clear path to ending procrastination and choosing healthy habits towards the life you long for.
  • Impartial support for the tough times, a safe space.
  • Putting your freedom first and developing healthy habits to make it effortless.
  • Feeling empowered in your choices
  • Confidence in supporting yourself and others.

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